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A framework centered around Quality

What is Quality? The question could have, diverse responses, depending upon people and industry. Some say it’s a distinctive character, maybe an attribute, consistency, amongst others. What’s definite is that ‘Quality Assurance’ is a process where you try to match what a product / service is supposed to do and whether it is on track or not. Many of the folks would refer its as “V&V”, that is Verify and Validate.

At SugarBox Networks a product-based QA is closely aligned with customer feedback and the product manager. Our thought process is not only to align with the defined set of rules, but also evaluate if these are implemented. Additionally, it’s important for us to check SMART and attributed Testing understanding mindset of the end user whether it will fetch any usefulness to them or not. Infact for us as QA teams, apart from reviewing the product we also do TESTING, because the responsibility lies with us to deliver our product to the customer. So, our constant mindset is that with authority comes great responsibility.

We don’t follow the technique to simply automate everything, because that is not what not QA intends to deliver. It would be impractical to attempt 100% automation and testing. Instead, the approach is to design a Hybrid combination, where one only automates recurring steps / actions to save time and not to improve Quality. It’s a myth that automation improves Quality. The reality is automation reduces execution time only, Developing Automating script is manual task. Tools don’t find the bugs, you as QA train tools to help you perform regression.

Let’s take a scenario to understand this approach better. We are out for dinner at a fine-dine and chose to order Risotto; expecting creamy, flavoursome plate gorgeously presented in a complementing ambience. But if the Chef cooking in the kitchen or the staff serving our table does a bad job in matching any of our expectations, it immediately leads to an unimaginable gap for the diner. Thus, it’s critical to always align the company’s vision (and services) to the expectant customer standards, when defining the quality of a product.

We at SugarBox Networks, focus on the Unit, Integration, System, Functional, Regression, UAT, Performance, Scalabilty and security parameters, which determine standards. At the same time, we equally focus on state transition, Pairwise and Exploratory testing. Quality Assurance is not a one-time victory, it’s a constant ongoing journey. When you attain the highest standards, you win the trust of your end user, but to retain the same one must ensure consistent and diligent Quality monitoring effort.

We at SugarBox Networks cohesively work to assure Quality understanding, building it around the framework of efficient and effective thought process, and domain expertise for decision making.  Our focus at SugarBox is ‘Simple and Concrete Testing for Consistent High Quality’.

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