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Conditioning the need for data privacy. A conscious effort at SugarBox Networks

An accurate angle with an appropriate force converts an attempt into a successful basketball shot. Similarly, for technology driven organizations, accurate data converts an idea into a successful business!

For businesses to be successful, it definitely requires engagement with users, and to build this engagement, advertising plays an important role. Thus, targeting the right set of audiences through advertising is crucial, as it brings certainty of the product being used. To strengthen this certainty and serve audiences better, data is indeed the key to predict and design future forward practices.

Just like any team sports, where players trust each other to drive the game forward, similarly users have to trust organizations that their data is being handled with care. This not only places a responsibility on organization to have their data privacy policies in place, but an equal duty on the users to check and be aware of how their data is being used.

It is common to be asked for personal data at a shopping mall or for entering a friend’s society, yet how often do we as users (of any services) look for the privacy policy of the organization (or brand) catering to our needs? Therefore, it is equally important for users to be aware (and mindful in many cases) of how their data is being utilized.

The combination of the sound of each string in a guitar produces that final sound effect. Similarly, combination of people, process, and a robust strategy is required to achieve the data privacy compliance, in an organization. We, at SugarBox Networks, respect the privacy of the users by adhering to data security practices and maintaining a security-driven environment within the organization. Our organization understands the fiduciary relationship it has with its users and strives to keep the data shared confidential, by preventing any unauthorized disclosure.

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