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Internship + Technology, simply equals SugarBox Networks!

It all began three months ago.

A fresher joined a Tech Company and her entire world changed as she explored what was called the “Corporate life” at SugarBox Networks. The world’s first hyperlocal edge cloud, made in India, that enables reliable and affordable digital experience for users.

It might sound very daunting, but instead it was a very unique ride. It was my first-ever gig with a technology company and finding myself in the middle of immensely experienced and knowledgeable mentors was a cherry on top!

Here are my top seven takeaways that made my journey at SugarBox Networks, an enriching one.

  • In the beginning it was all very overwhelming since I was new to the technology universe. But it all changed for good. In a way kept me excited about what is going to happen next, whilst simultaneously learning everything about the brand and the company.
  • For a work-from-home model, communication between employees was commendable. Even for a work-from-home job, SugarBox is one of the best at it. On joining, I received a welcome box filled with goodies and work equipment, which filled me with joy and excitement for this new chapter in my life.
  • The first week was more about learning and getting to know SugarBox and the work model. One of the best things was the Work-life balance. Even though it’s tech-innovative startup, no one disturbs you after work hours unless of course, it’s an emergency. Something like this is very important as WFH Models can be very time-consuming.
  • My assignment was with the Marketing and Communications team, which is filled with fun-loving, highly skilled and motivated individuals. Their work style is admirable and as a team will forever be my favorite.
  • To focus on employee wellbeing, SugarBox had launched Wellness Friday, where all employees got one Friday off, as a paid leave. Even in the current tough environment, this seemed like a welcome change.
  • The Internal Communication campaigns and initiatives at SugarBox are very unique and give employees the opportunity to learn and participate. Each and every campaign is focused on keeping employees updated about different campaigns and any important events inside and outside the company.
  • Most importantly, its critical to keep timelines in check and ensure tasks are delivered without any delays. It is always great to communicate clearly through emails, but one should also follow up on call or text after the email is sent. Never forget to follow the set processes!

SugarBox taught me so much about the corporate life in just three months and some might even say I’m starting to enjoy it. I am grateful that I got this opportunity to work at SugarBox Networks. Thanks to my former mentor. I learned a lot in just a few days and if you want to explore the technology world or want to make a difference with your work, this is the place to be.

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