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Paving my way into the Corporate world

It was late evening, and I was studying at the library when I came across a post on LinkedIn about SugarBox Networks recruiting interns.. My instant response was to head to their website and read all about the company. Since this was a new concept, for me, it indeed interested me (compared to other opportunities available). That’s when I wrote to the team to speak to them and get a deeper understanding about what was expected from an intern. 

Over the course of the next few days, I engaged with multiple stakeholders as part of their official interview process. By the end of it, I was absolutely determined to join the team and was thrilled to have landed an offer from SugarBox.

As I was in Ahmedabad, my first few days started with online connect and everything was seamless. The tech industry was a completely new universe for me, and I was a little petrified to enter this domain space; however, my mentor Ankita (part of the Marketing team at SugarBox) ensured she was always just a call away for anything and everything.

SugarBox Networks, is one of a kind offering where it gives a chance to people of all ages and expectations to do what they want – watch movies, shows or simply shop for their favorite items. While the offerings are large, it takes much more effort to understand the audiences and deliver the best experience that the consumer is looking forward to. It took me a few days to understand the various facets and how it all plays together well to bond the application as a whole!

On my second day of joining, I learnt to write a creative brief, which I knew only in theory but had never worked on before. Slowly I started grasping the organization’s functioning and became a part of it.

While everything was online for the past two months, I got a chance to go to the office in April, where I was just surprised by the energy and wholesomeness of the Marketing Team. 

Each day I encountered a new doubt, which gave me an opportunity to learn. Needless to say my team members have always gone to great lengths to educate me how the organization & technology solutions work. There have also been sessions conducted every Tuesday so employees like me, who are new to Tech can understand the back-end of the organization and there’s synergy & seamless communication between all the teams. Each passing day has been a wonderful learning, eventually prepping me to kickstart my journey in the corporate world. 

The learnings that I have derived from each task, breaking barriers to understanding the’ Tech world’ and working with such an enthusiastic team are the best memories that I am taking back from this internship at SugarBox!  



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