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Rewards & Recognition

At SugarBox, our Mission is to “Help every individual achieve their true potential by enabling access to information, irrespective of who or where”. And to achieve this milestone, each and every team member plays a crucial role. As our patented technology creates impact and makes connectivity a reality, its pertinent for us to applaud the individuals who are working tirelessly to move the right pieces in the right direction. And that’s why our “Rewards & Recognition” program celebrates employees who have contributed to make a desirable change. This quarter we bring to you our ‘SugarBox Supers’, who have brilliantly made a mark to build the company’s growth story. The creative rendition is that of an e-flipbook, showcasing the winners alongwith testimonials from their managers. And how could we leave the fun element out, hence, some fictitious stories have been curated to lighten the tough working days!



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