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SugarBox Networks, a collaborative approach to enable connectivity

More people are now online than ever before, and this seems like a trend that’s here to stay. Covid-19 induced lockdown has brought a sharp uptick in people using apps and consuming data, or as we would call it – using the internet.

A recent Nokia MBiT report, highlighted that Indians are spending more than 5 hours per day online. Average consumption per month is 13.5 GB (Dec 2020) – that’s 30% of our waking hours! With ~60x traffic growth in last 5 years, India stands tall amongst the mature markets. Overall data traffic increased by 36% in 2020, due to continued 4G consumption and of course, Covid.

We now have 2 to 3 devices per person (at least in tier 1 cities) and our demand for high-definition content (read 4k, high definition) has definitely been on a rise. This is causing our networks to choke thereby hampering the end-user experience. We are ready to pay extra to get the best experience – 720p or above content at 0 lag. But what if I shared that you could have that at 0 cost. Yes! 0 cost, absolutely no outgo!

Enter SugarBox Networks.

SugarBox Networks is a hyper local CDN (content delivery network) which deploys servers at places closer to where users are likely to be – airlines, trains, metro, rural, hotel, residential societies, and can deliver data / various digital services to end users, without using the internet. It means the app will work in a SugarBox zone regardless of a user having an internet connection or not.

What’s in it for the end-users:

  • The end user can access the supported app, stream and download the permitted content, see videos, pay for subscription, buy products, book a cab, order food, etc, without any data limitations or cost
  • The data reliability / speed within the SugarBox ecosystem is significantly faster, compared to any traditional mobile network data throughput
  • Users do not pay anything to SugarBox for accessing data

And the value proposition for any App partner:

  • Get access to users regardless of their connectivity or transit status or the geography (across airline, train, metro trains or beyond metros, rural, towns)
  • Get users to spend more time, buy subscription, monetize more (because for users the data is free and unlimited)
  • Apps work as they would with an internet connection despite – no or patchy internet

So, how is SugarBox Networks making all this possible? Simple, through brilliant collaborations.

  1. App Partners
    App Anniereveals that mobile apps now account for 10 out of every 11 minutes or 91% we spend using our mobile devices, where web browsing is only responsible for 9% of our mobile time. Add to it 50% of our online time spent on mobile, which means that the apps account for 45% of the time spent online by a user, in any given day! For users to access their favorite apps, SugarBox will have to host them on their servers. Thus, we partner with different apps in categories which users use frequently – OTT, E-comm, Mobility, Ed Tech, and lots more
  2. Network Partners
    For installing our servers closer to the users, we partner with businesses that allow us to host our network. Thus, we partner with various industries – airlines, trains, metros, rural – wherever we are most likely to find users, who want to access their favorite apps

Is there any app or place, you would like us to partner with? Do let us know. Because this is how we at – SugarBox Networks – make connectivity seamlessly affordable and reliable. Or, if I could say, just a sneak peek into our universe.

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