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SugarBox Networks has a new careers page !

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As a start up in the growth phase, SugarBox Networks has set aggressive targets for itself, with plans to nearly double in headcount, by the end of FY 2021-22. Thus, it was imperative that SugarBox created a strong employer presence for itself in the job market, in order to compete with the crème-de-la-creme – be it established brands or flourishing startups – in the war for attracting and retaining talent!

The technical complexities of the business that we operate in often takes away from the larger purpose that we are working towards – “Making digital access reliable and affordable as it extends the reach of the internet”. And so, it was important for us to communicate better through a ‘Careers page’, which was a true reflection of who we are as an organization and what we stand for. 

As with most projects at SugarBox Networks, a pod – agile work team where cross functional teams come together to achieve a common purpose and quickly adjourn and move to the next one upon completion – was created to this microsite up. The Pod included team members from design, marketing, HR and Product teams – engaging over weekly calls, that lasted for months, thrashing out ideas on relevant content, design, layout, aesthetics and lots more!

The goal was to provide as much information as possible for both, the tech and a non-tech candidates visiting the website. While job descriptions do a decent job of sharing important details pertaining to the job that is advertised, given that technology forms the backbone of what we do, we wanted candidates to take away a lot more than just what the job descriptions say. And therefore, a separate section called – Tech at SugarBox – was created exclusively to share insights into how the magic happens, which makes it easier to understand the requirements as specified in the JD. 

A recurring theme that people would notice as one visits the web page is how “real” and authentic the content is – be it the videos, pictures or content about the culture – giving a true picture of what it really means to be a part of the SugarBox team.  As you move around the website, the section “Meet the people” showcases our ethos through the people, we now have as part of our teams, our eventual brand ambassadors!

The Career Website is a cumulative effort to attract talent that is moving towards a common purpose, along with us – to live in a world where everyone, everywhere can take digital access for granted!

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