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The value SugarBox creates through partnerships

My professional career span has been replete with work on partnerships, both in the public and private domain, as well as across B2B and B2C models. Moreover, having been an entrepreneur, the thrill to be able to sell, is immensely intrinsic and expands across – like selling an idea or product or service!

Collaborating with teams – internal or external – exploring new ideas with brands, and deals to achieve mutually beneficial business models, are few of the top things that attract me to Partnerships, as a business function.

Each day at SugarBox Networks is a new challenge as we introduce this novel concept, to our external partners. Because the idea of changing the way the world consumes content, was never previously explored across the globe, imagining how we can add value here, is a story that takes time to sink in.

It’s an upswing every day, working with partners across industries such as Fintech, Edtech, Mobility, E-Commerce and Foodtech, where each use case and their operations are so unique. Another filter that gets applied, is of targeting urban or rural populace.

For App partners targeting audiences across Indian cities, our lens is:

  • To enable and equip travelers in metros and aircrafts a digitally connected journey
  • Because it’s a captive audience, with little or no distraction

For App partners wanting to reach out to audiences in the rural areas, our focus is to:

  • Ensure that those apps can be used reliably
  • Make them far more accessible, and local in nature
  • Deliver video and audio content at zero data charges (and without using their data packs too)

Despite this glorious story, sometimes there are a few unimaginable challenges, such as Covid shaking up our technical requirements on-ground. Obviously, this completely changed our strategy and overturned our focus to serve a post Covid India and the ever-evolving ecosystem.

Partners for the urban, semi-urban and rural audiences are now selected carefully, rather mindfully, owing to the rise of new brands and change in consumption patterns. Not only did newer industries boom through (or during) Covid, but the pre-requisites and funneling strategy also took a huge turn, since it took some time to assimilate this metamorphosis.

Given our network spread across India, partners understand that the scope and opportunity is huge. Moreover, they appreciate that the barrier of entry for the user is extremely low – we don’t charge the user anything to latch onto our platform!

But eventually what is the story that works the magic? Simple Truth – SugarBox is customer and client obsessive. We only earn if the partner earns, and the user saves!

After all the hours of thinking and rethinking, the pitch is crisp now! I know this is only going to get better from here. Upwards and Onwards!

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