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Think digital access to information beyond Connectivity!

Internet has been around for possibly more than 3 decades and compared to the formative years, its relevance and importance has grown exponentially. Today, we are a race that is digitally dependent for fulfilling most of our needs (and wants)! From entertainment to networking and everything else in between. 

But despite the eventual need and the ease of digital availability (Internet), users continue to face significant delays in accessing content. For instance, while traveling in a flight or driving through a subway – places that often have patchy networks – one can only rely on previously downloaded content. Ordering that special dress would need to wait or even continuing to watch that show will have to wait too. In short, the internet journey of a user is broken and full of interruptions. 

Let’s not forget that  the next generation of internet users joining isn’t the one that would turn a blind eye to these problems. This tribe is familiar and aware that smarter products exist, which also function in the remotest of geographies. And this is where we are building sustainable solutions, through SugarBox Networks, which could be soon known as the  heart of the new age digital connectivity.

SugarBox, with its patented technology, is making available  a variety of digital services, such as e-commerce, OTT content, payments and more in areas with no or limited connectivity such as Airlines, rural areas, in-transit (metros, trains, buses) and other common interest areas for consumers. etc. In simple words we are building solutions to enable an experience that allows digital connectivity for both spectrums – the last mile consumer as well as the urban dweller. And this is possible anywhere, anytime and at no cost to the eventual consumer. 

For instance, to provide an unmatched experience in airlines, SugarBox Networks is creating one-stop-solution, where:

  • You can use the OTT apps on your phone to discover and view from the vast list of the available content
  • You can explore the inflight shopping menu,  buy food & beverages and merchandise directly from your phone, delivered to your seat
  • You can shop products from your favorite brands and get them delivered to your home 
  • You can play games, listen to podcasts, read e-books and do lots more

The future-forward consumer can now aspire to stay digitally connected even in an area with limited or abysmal data network, to be part of an experience similar to that in an unconnected environment. It’s that simple.

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