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This is how SugarBox Networks is reshaping the future of inflight entertainment

Worldwide, the airline sector is recovering from the Covid-19 aftermath, where narrow-body aircrafts are leading the way. Despite the travel schedules or flights, passengers always anticipate a great in-flight experience, with In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) being a must-have. More than 60 percent of aircraft passengers say that in-flight entertainment is no longer a luxury but a need, according to an IATA survey.  More than 75% of passengers say their favourite activity is watching movies or TV shows. If given the option, 65 percent of travellers would choose a personalized IFE solution that allows them to use their device’s Wi-Fi.

Today, the desire is to have the same digital experience pre-travel, during travel, and post-travel. Consumers expect to be able to consume the same digital content while flying, as they do on the ground.

So, lets try and understand this landscape better.

Traditional IFE systems provide digital content access through seatback screens, but the industry is transitioning towards portable hardware solutions, which provide entertainment options to customers on their devices. This trend is fuelled by the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and their high daily usage (of data). While traditional IFE systems are adopted by a majority of the leading Full-Service Carriers (FCCs) globally, Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) and Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers (ULCCs) are enroute to adopting portable solutions.

Wireless IFE systems reduce installation and content distribution costs for airlines. With state-of-the-art battery technology, ease of operation, the latest content, and rapid deployment, portable IFE solutions are gaining more and more traction. Reducing weight and minimizing fuel burn is another concern for airlines. Wireless IFE systems are lightweight and significantly reduce the payload, resulting in fuel cost savings, a highly desirable outcome for airlines.

Airlines are working hard to provide zero-touch solutions for their passengers, and the trend is growing. In the post-COVID world, where people are hesitant about touching suspicious surfaces, passengers would be far more comfortable with the use of wireless IFE systems. Additionally, passengers are accustomed to the personalized experience of using their smartphones. The demand for content is on a constant rise, and high-bandwidth content is driving the consumer space. LCCs and ULCCs have their preferences set toward portable IFE solutions, and full-service carriers are adopting a hybrid solution.

If the requirement is so clearly laid out, then how are we adding value, rather enhancing the current available solutions.

SugarBox Networks, as part of its aggressive growth plan, envisages to enable better In-Flight Entertainment and In-Flight Connectivity services to airlines, across the globe. SugarBox will provide in-flight solutions through portable wireless in-flight devices installed in the aircraft. Users can connect to the device through their smartphones/tablets/laptops and access digital services, hosted inside SugarBox edge servers, via local Wi-Fi inside a SugarBox Wi-Fi zone. This solution allows a user to connect to any partnered digital app when connected to SugarBox aircraft Wi-Fi. Additionally, the solution is smart and customizable to provide internet services, place in-flight orders, hear announcements and flight information, IoT and lots more.

SugarBox Networks will provide access to services from multiple digital app partners in the domain of streaming (movies, videos, music), gaming, online shopping, food ordering, booking taxi, bill payments, and ed-tech, among others. As a result, users can seamlessly use the apps of the digital partners via local Wi-Fi inside a SugarBox Wi-Fi zone, without requiring any internet connection.

Team SugarBox is on a mission to deliver unparalleled and best-in-class in-flight solutions and provide passengers the experience they deserve (and desire).

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